ENTARCO Value Proposition

Using our Erickson Methodology for Enterprise Architecture

We achieve Enterprise:

  • Alignment - with the business requirements,
  • Integration - of data, process and operations,
  • Flexibility - to adapt to change,
  • Responsiveness - in a timely manner;

AND dramatically improve:

  • Data quality, and
  • Process quality

WITH dramatically

  • Lower cost,
  • Shorter lead times, and
  • Lower maintenance cost.

We can show you how to:

  • acquire very high-quality custom enterprise business systems:
    • at one-fifth the cost of traditionally developed systems, and one-third the cost of purchased packages,
    • up to one-third to one-half the time,
  • implement many changes in hours, days and weeks instead of months and years,
  • progressively eliminate data conversions,
  • progressively reduce and eventually eliminate interfaces moving data from one database to another,
  • create a systems environment with 80 to 90% reduction in maintenance costs,
  • create a business environment where your people spend a lot less time collecting, storing, finding, reconciling, correcting, analyzing and evaluating data and a lot more time working on business solutions, and
  • train, educate, and develop existing staff capabilities which will significantly reduce the requirement for expensive contract and consulting services.

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