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Douglas T. Erickson

Douglas T. Erickson has been an Information Management and Enterprise Architecture practitioner and consultant for over forty years. Doug has been a career-long advocate for the advancement, improvement, and formalization of the enterprise systems development process.

In 1980, Doug met John A. Zachman. This meeting started a decades-long pursuit, as a student and practitioner, to understand and apply the concepts and principles of Enterprise Architecture. By the early 1980s, Doug had developed the beginnings of what is known today as the Erickson Methodology for Enterprise Architecture (EMEA).

The EMEA has been used to deliver implementable Enterprise Architecture, achieve enterprise agility, business process alignment and integration, and data management that has produced results that improve data quality, shareability, and availability, across multiple organizational units and applications, cost-effectively.

He has extensive business and information management experience based on his work with enterprises in various industries, including engineering and manufacturing, insurance, airline, electric utility, natural gas distribution, the U. S. Army, and state government agencies.

Doug is a recipient of the DAMA International 2021 Data Management Excellence Award.

Doug has a degree in Business Administration from Black Hills State University, with MBA coursework at Arizona State University.

Doug is the founder of ENTARCO USA Inc. and is the author of The Erickson Methodology for Entrprise Architecture.

Donald B. Phillips

Donald Phillips has over 40 years of experience in the IT industry in a variety of roles, including application development and database design in a variety of information technology environments.  He has been a consultant as an information systems development facilitator leading to the successful design, development, and implementation efforts on projects based on the Erickson Methodology for Enterprise Architecture (EMEA).

In the course of this work, Don has contributed greatly to the innovations that led to the viability of the EMEA.  Don has exceptional skills in leading, teaching, and mentoring people in their professional development.  Don graduated from Pepperdine University with a B.A. in 1969. 

His information systems career started in the U.S. Navy as a Data Processing Technician, where he completed programming school in the Navy and worked as a developer and in technical support.  After the Navy, he completed graduate-level courses in statistics, business, and information systems at Texas Tech University.

About the ENTARCO Logo

The goals of Enterprise Architecture are to achieve enterprise alignment, integration, flexibility, and responsiveness.

The four pillars of the ENTARCO logo represent these four goals.  These four goals need to be achieved in a highly cohesive, compatible manner.  Accordingly, each pillar shares a common end (the center of the logo) to emphasize the interdependent relationship among the four Enterprise Architecture goals.

If you compromised any one of these goals, all goals will be compromised.

Renowned, innovative artist, Dick Termes designed the ENTARCO “FOUR PILLARS” logo.  Dick invented six-point spherical artwork.  You can view his art at his website: www.termespheres.com.

We are inspired by innovation, and we aspire to innovate!

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