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Introducing Enterprise Management Services

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Enterprise Management Services: An Introduction

The labels we assign to things have a lot to do with how we perceive them.

In the early days of IT we often called the function and/or department that designed and built automated information systems ‘Data Processing’. Over the ensuing decades, the label has generally evolved from Data Processing, to ‘Information Systems’, to ‘Management Information Systems’, to the current ‘Information Technology’.

Our attraction and fascination with technology tends to blind us from looking at the basic pervasive problems of the IT industry. We seemed to have evolved to the point where there is an almost dogmatic belief that our economic and social wellbeing is totally dependent on developing and/or owning “the latest and greatest technology”. If you have a problem, technology will solve it…. guaranteed”. The situation has even progressed to where almost any new innovation or invention is called a “technological advancement”.

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