Reclaiming the Names “Enterprise Architecture” and “Enterprise Architect”!

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I have reviewed hundreds of job postings on LinkedIn with the words “Enterprise Architecture” and “Enterprise Architect” in the job posting title.

I found massive, rampant, semantic, intellectual, and professional deceit!  None of the job postings I reviewed even alluded to duties, knowledge, expertise, or experience in enterprise architecture!

Almost all the “Enterprise Architect” related job postings predominantly expressed a requirement for explicit knowledge, skills, expertise, and experience to implement and use technology which may be necessary to build and implement systems, but not the knowledge, skills, expertise, and experience required to architect an enterprise.

I find it deceitful to take IT legacy know-how, re-label it, and promote it as the solution to all the deficiencies of the legacy IT, and then promote it as a new and advanced service with an attendant escalation in price.

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